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Mike Armstrong is the Managing Editor for Pressat's main news desk, he reports personally on new AI research and its impact on society. Mr Armstrong has covered the technology industry for 15 years.

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Chiang Mai has the world’s worst air pollution, but Thailand says it’s...

It’s an undoubtedly a regrettable position to be in: ranked as the city with the most-polluted air in the entire planet, and no doubt Chiang Mai’s... read more

03.04.2019 • By Mike Armstrong

The Louvre crowned as France’s top tourist spot

The world’s largest art museum the Louvre hosted a record breaking 10.2 million visitors in 2018, up from 25% the previous year. The historic... read more

03.01.2019 • By Mike Armstrong

Scientists find that beer could make you happy after all

Researchers examining 13,000 food ingredients at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany have found that an alkaloid naturally present in... read more

04.10.2017 • By Mike Armstrong

DFS shares rise on £25m Sofology deal

Sofa retailer Sofology has been acquired by DFS in a multi million pound deal aimed at strengthening the brand. The two firms both have history... read more

03.08.2017 • By Mike Armstrong

BMW scandal was “water off a duck's back” as firm posts profit again.

German car maker BMW has posted a strong rise in profits despite its recent alleged emissions scandal. The firms operating margins rose just... read more

03.08.2017 • By Mike Armstrong